Different Types of Chocolate Melting

By Laura Hospitál on Jul 07, 2015

This science project was done by Janice and Marta, who are students at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI).


Which Hershey's chocolate will melt the fastest:  milk, dark, or cookies and cream?


The dark chocolate will melt fastest.


Purchase chocolates and find a lamp.

The image is of the graph made by students.


  • identical size pieces of milk, dark, and cookies and cream chocolate  (Hershey's)
  • a lamp
  • a metric braille ruler
  • paper towels


Which chocolate will melt fastest?

  1. We will put 3 pieces of chocolate candy on a white paper towel.
  2. We will put chocolate pieces about 5 centimeters away from a 60 watt bulb.
  3. We will test the chocolate every 15 sec by touching it with a finger to see if it melted.
  4. We will make a tally how many seconds it will take for each one to melt.  We also make notes on how it looks as it melts.
  5. We will eat the melted chocolate!reese cup

Data and Results

Time to melt:

  • Cookies and Cream: 5 min 15 sec
  • Milk Chocolate: 4 min 45 sec
  • Dark Chocolate:  5 min
melting chocolate  


Our hypothesis was not correct because the milk chocolate melted faster.


Several other variable can be tested and were considered.  These include brand of chocolate and various specialty chocolates. We didn't test these variables for this experiment, though.   

NGSS Standards:

Plan and conduct an investigation individually and collaboratively to produce data to serve as the basis for evidence, and in the design: decide on types, how much, and accuracy of data needed to produce reliable measurements and consider limitations on the precision of the data (e.g., number of trials, cost, risk, time), and refine the design accordingly. (HS-ESS2-5)


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