Creating a 3-D Model of a Plant Life Cycle

By BeckySHoffman on Feb 03, 2014


To make a symbolic representation or model of the plant life cycle.


Background Information:

The life of a plant is a cycle.  Seeds used to grow plants come from the plants themselves.



  • A piece of tri-wall cardboard cut in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 14”.
  • Several bean seeds.
  • Several fully grown bean plants
  • Various textured materials to represent the different stages of the plant life cycle: bean seed, root, shoot, leaves, buds, flowers
  • Wikki Stix®
  • Braille and large print labels
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wall mounting materials
  • Bean Seed Overlay from the Sense of Science Plant Kit from APH
  • Lazy Susan


  1. Examine each part of a bean plant. 
  1. Examine the stages of germination using the overlays from the Sense of Science Plant Kit.
  1. Discuss the sequence of how the bean plant grows.
  1. Create models of the parts of the plant cycle using the various textures.
  1. Attach the parts to the cardboard circle.
  1. Add labels to the parts of the model.
  1. Attach the finished model to a Lazy Susan.
  1. Spin the model to demonstrate how the life of plant is a cycle.



Carolyn Hannon and Mary McCarthy also contributed to the creation of this activity.

collage with 3-D model of a plant life cycle


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