Cortical Visual Impairment and the Evaluation of Functional Vision


Posted by BethOdellJan 12, 2015

Good overview of the various aspects of children with CVI. I would be interested in viewing an assessment and use of the Range.

Posted by dewi wilsonJan 30, 2015


I truly enjoyed watching this education video on CVI. I am a TVI and thank you for making such a wonderful video, with definitions, examples, and touched all areas that I teach to teachers/parents. Some terminologies that you used were simple, which is what parents need to understand. So, thank you for doing that as well.

How can I earn Web credits for watching the video?



Posted by e-learning help deskJan 31, 2015

This webcast is not yet part of a tutorial for credits. We are compiling several short CVI resources like this one into a tutorial. Topics must be at least 60 minutes to qualify for credits. Use the Earn Credits menu to find qualifying tutorials.

Posted by e-learning help deskFeb 02, 2015

Hello Dewi, our apologies for the confusion. The tutorial that contains this webcast can be found at
Follow the steps to purchase the assessment, watch the 3 webcasts (which include this one) and complete the assessment to earn 1,5 ACVREP credits or continuing education credits. All the best to you in your work. ~~ eLearning Team

Posted by Mayra PratsApr 16, 2015

I enjoyed viewing the video. It really puts Cortical Visual Impairment into perspective for me. I work with many children who have this diagnosis and it can be challenging at times. Thank you.

Posted by faith goldsteinDec 13, 2016

Is Perkins the only place to have this testing?

Posted by val.wellandDec 20, 2016

Hello Faith,

Are you interested in becoming CVI endorsed or are you inquiring about CVI testing for children?  




Perkins eLearning

Posted by Tonya cockerhamJan 11, 2017

My son is 7 and has had a CVI diagnosis most of his life. He is extremely hypotonic and has little to no movement. He has reach the point where his vision has improved enough to receive an eye gaze machine, although his ability to utilize the machine appropriately seems so limited at times. We r very envolved parents and very much want to help in improving his visual ability as we know this is his only hope of having any kind of communication as he is also non verbal. At this point he receives no type of visual therapy to help us or other therapist and educators to better understand how he sees thing most effectively. I have searched the internet to find resources in our area but have found little to none available. Is there anyway you can lead me in a direction that would better help me understand what we need to do or what we need to try to get to further help him. He started out with what was thought to be no usable vision. In the past 3 years he has developed great eye contact and tracking abilities, his nystagmus has improved greatly, he appears much more interested in toys and tv and the environment around him. As much as we can assess he appears to be appropriately identifying people, colors, and shapes. We must be doing something write to help with the improvement but I think if we were better educated in how to help him he would improve even more quickly and would sussefully reach his maximum potential. Please help use with any information that you can. We are struggling parents with child in much need of all the help he can get. The use of his eyes is the last chance that he has at being able to take part in the world around him.

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