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Dr. Seuss Themed Activities Published 03/02/2015
Winter Bird Treats Published 01/05/2015
Choosing Appropriate Holiday Projects Published 11/29/2014
Tips for Modifying the Learning Environment for Children with Visual Impairments and Additional Disabilities Published 08/21/2014
Challenging Behavior: Impulsivity Published 08/19/2014
Charting Behaviors and Desensitizing Strategies Published 08/19/2014
Classroom Organization & Management Published 08/19/2014
Dog Treats Published 07/11/2014
Spooky Halloween Hand Published 07/11/2014
Salad on a Stick Published 07/11/2014
Apple Cinnamon Ornaments Published 07/11/2014
Crayon Hearts Published 07/11/2014
Winter Sun Catchers Published 07/10/2014
Multi-Class Flea Market Published 07/10/2014
Ice Cream in a Bag Published 07/10/2014
Watermelon Themes Published 07/10/2014
Potted Chocolate Pudding Published 07/09/2014
Shell Matching Game Published 07/09/2014
Tactile Timelines Published 07/09/2014
Individualized Adapted Calendars Published 07/09/2014
Cranberry Project Published 07/07/2014
Setting Up a Class-Run Pizza Parlor Published 06/23/2014
Valentine Cards Published 06/16/2014
Create a Solar Powered Oven out of a Pizza Box Published 06/10/2014
Adapted Checkers Published 01/16/2014
Tic Tac Toe Published 01/16/2014
It's Shrinking! Published 01/15/2014
Blue and Red Published 01/14/2014
Skipping Published 01/13/2014
Alphabet Line Published 01/09/2014
Spill the Beans Published 01/09/2014
Move Myself Published 01/08/2014
Squeaky Jumping Published 01/07/2014
Go Fish Published 01/06/2014
Can You Find It? Published 01/02/2014
Where, Oh, Where Is My Friend? Published 01/02/2014
Texture Matching Published 12/31/2013
Catch It If You Can Published 12/30/2013
Find All of the… Published 12/26/2013
Community Helpers Published 12/26/2013
Light Plus Published 12/24/2013
Pointing Right and Left Published 12/23/2013
Stapling School Newsletter Published 12/19/2013
To Eat or Not to Eat Published 12/19/2013
Time Published 12/18/2013
I Can Walk Like That Published 12/17/2013
Mystery Bag Published 12/16/2013
Who Am I? Published 12/12/2013
Where Would I Be If...? Published 12/12/2013
Light On, Light Off? Published 12/11/2013
Toiletries Set Published 12/10/2013
Jump Like the Animals Published 12/09/2013
“How Many In” Cups Published 12/05/2013
Daily Calendar Published 12/05/2013
Tractor Tread Published 12/04/2013
Money Bags Published 12/04/2013
Classroom Jobs Published 12/02/2013
The Drum is the King Published 11/27/2013
Surprise Box Published 11/26/2013
Give Me the Circle Published 11/25/2013