Video of Parent Discussing Transition of Son Who Is Deafblind

Total Life Learning by Wendy Bridgeo,‎ Beth Caruso,‎ & Mary Zatta

Cover of Total Life Learning

The Total Life Learning curriculum was developed for students ages 3 to 22 who are blind, visually impaired including those students who have additional disabilities or are deafblind. The focus is on the development of life and career goals that enable student to maximize independence, self-determination, employability, and participation in the community.

Blogger Patti McGowan shares her personal experience of the transition process of her son, who is deafblind due to Usher Syndrome Type II.  She describes the journey through his school career, and the many challenges and transitions along the way.  She discusses the value of working in collaboration with a team and in being a strong advocate.

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