Paths to Transition

Parent-to-Parent Support

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Parents and family members:  We invite you to explore ideas and resources for your transition-age child! Get ideas for independent living activities to try at home. Find out about work opportunities for youth with multiple disabilities. Connect with other families!

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Transition and the ECC

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Find out how transition fits together with the Expanded Core Curriculum and get ideas for activities to implement the ECC within the context of independent living and career exploration with students who are blind or visually impaired.

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My 29-year-old son David, who is deafblind and non-verbal, attends a Community-Based Day Supports Program (CBDS).  David’s daily schedule at the CBDS includes a variety... read more

Life changes are emotional, and each person handles situations in their own way. These changes might include a transition to a new educational setting, or the start of a... read more

In a previous blog post I described how my son David recycles empty soda cans for cash as part of his CBDS (Community-Based Day Support Program) routine. David donates... read more