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This webcast provides an overview of the importance of including social skills instruction when teaching children who are blind or visually impaired.
Pamela Ryan, School Psychologist at Perkins School for the Blind, offers an overview of CHARGE Syndrome.
This is a time-saving way to keep a running record of each student's progress!
A parent shares resources on self-determination and transition into adulthood for youth who are deafblind, blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities or other special needs.
Here is an IEP goal for choosing the correct tech for the task.
Free ways to identify US currency for the visually impaired.
Step-by-step instructions on how to create an accessible bar chart in the Pages app.
YOU can create a simple table with accessible pictures!
Activities for teaching braille and other concepts through songs and videos.
Planning to Orientation and Mobility route using public transportation? Check out these tips!
Lost your phone? Five free ways to find it using technology. Works for all types of smartphones and non-smartphones too!
This article is one of a two-part series on AT assessment. This installment outlines reasons to conduct AT assessments & the components of such an assessment.
A great document/web reader for students with vision impairments and dyslexia that has Bookshare integration.
Eight free Amazon Alexa skills related to art that teach art history and practical art skills. Great for budding artists!
How to make yearbooks and yearbook signing accessible for visually impaired students.
Interested in understanding or sharing about color blindness?
How I created a large print music binder with 80+ songs for pep band.
Check out these educational apps designed for students age 4+.
Learn all about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the soldiers who guard it!
How I educate my friends about my conditions and issues related to disability without scaring them.
Not all apps will rotate with your device as your rotate it, but some apps can help you force this to happen!
This article highlights instructional strategies to improve touch typing for students with visual impairments.
Feelif Draw is a fun tool that enables students who are blind to draw in colors!
Looking for activities to improve your students' graphics literacy skills?
Are you looking for an accessible spelling game?
Read my winning piece for the 10 Ideas Student Policy writing competition sponsored by the Roosevelt Institute.
Five tools that eliminate distractions and let readers focus on content. Can be used in the classroom or with assistive technology.
How does the web based version of Book Creator work with Chrome Books?
This post highlights a useful app that addresses one of the APH MATT Connect / Humanware Connect 12's slight software issues with screen rotation.
A parent shares tips on getting started as an office volunteer shredding paper
Using pictures - with alt text descriptions - to learn about information that is not spelled out.
Check out this accessible math resource!
This tutorial provides a post-conference roundup from the field of education of students with multiple disabilities, including visual impairment.
Dr. Yue-Ting Siu, will provide a post-conference roundup from the field of education of students with multiple disabilities, including visual impairment.
This tutorial discusses how personal development and skill grow and change, and how a student's AT grows and changes with him.
Strategies for TVIs on how tech can streamline our work, school and lives!
Check out these creative ideas for using audio labels with students!
Want to liven-up your O&M lesson? Try this fun Easter Egg game!
Include visually impaired students and students with multiple disabilities in your Easter Egg hunt!
Looking for a math fact curriculum?
Accessibility Features and considerations for designing websites that can be used by people with blindness and low vision.
iOS 11 introduces a great new feature to assist students with research and homework.
Having trouble with VoiceOver gestures? Try this device!
This article will introduce five options for teaching touch typing to students with visual impairments.
Ten Technology skills to master before going to college to look like a Technology wizard, from an IT major. Great for preparing for college transition.
Check out Feelif Creator's accessible educational games!
How to make the letters on the physical and digital keyboards easier to see.
Here is a popular new reading tool!
Leslie Bailiff presents the story of her student Michael, who began using Assistive Technology to support his independent travel as a youngster.