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FREE two day, Friday and Saturday, December 1 and 2, hands-on workshop focuses on teaching educators to effectively implement Bookshare in the classroom.
What do you use to access textbooks auditorally?  I have tried Voice Dream and Bookshare but the pages do not match up to the text and it's very difficult for my students to follow along. Thanks! -A
Take notes and create accessible materials in about 90 seconds with this free app.
Teach students basic sonification using this fun game!
I am trying to help a student send an email using his Refreshbraille 18 and the Mail app on his iPad.  We can't seem to figure out how to input an underscore in the email address. I set it for...
1534, 631, 25 - what numbers can you find?
FREE hands-on workshop focuses on teaching educators to effectively implement Bookshare in the classroom.
Make sure you get to your dorm safe - call a security escort if any of these things are happening.
Where are my purchased apps in the iOS 11 App Store?
Cited is a free and completely accessible app that allows students to cite sources without need to worry that the formatting is not correct.
Mikogo is a simple to use screen sharing tool for teachers who have students who are low vision learners.
Presenters MaryAnne Roberto and Gunjan Rastogi-Wilson recount the journey of Krish, a tiny wide-eyed newborn with a powerful motivation to learn.
How can you arrange the icons on the Home page in iOS 11?
This is a fun arcade-type game that also reinforces O&M skills!
Creating accessible documents for people with print disabilities with Microsoft Office Word 2016.
One day FREE, hands-on workshop in New Hampshire, focuses on teaching educators to effectively implement Bookshare in the classroom.
You made a book in Book Creator - how do you share it with students?
My emails and texts are disappearing in iOS 11 (first release of iOS 11) with VoiceOver.  I have inadvertently tapped on emails to open them and then they are gone.  I do not know where they go!  - C
How having friends with low vision and Chiari Malformation has helped me accept my disability and diagnoses.
Want to practice your UEB and/or braille contractions? Try this braille version of Wheel of Fortune!
Everything you need to know about Nucleus is here in this content.
Quickly create your own geometric 3-dimensional objects using these magnetic tiles.
Accessibility feature that really help passengers who are blind or have low vision.
Here is YOUR chance to let Microsoft know how important accessible math is!
This article contains information and ideas on how to volunteer and give back to the community.
What to consider before updating to iOS 11 (2 known accessibility bugs) and what to do before updating to iOS 11.
Use this popular game to teach/practice VoiceOver gestures!
Much excitement went into this year's iPhone event, however, was this hype completely necessary? I want to share my thoughts on it, and perhaps you'll agree.
Combine hands-on activities with digital bar charts with these fun fall activities!
Our visually impaired students in our school district are mostly using iPads with Braille Displays and VO, and we continually struggle with giving our student's access to PDFs. We are a Google...
Eric shares his favorite apps for O&M and his son's favorite CVI apps.
How do you handle PDFs that are not accessible? Did you know that JAWS has a built-in OCR capabilities?Or
Get organized using email inbox filters/folders!
Make sure pants aren't on backwards, and other tips to ensure a great picture.
This tutorial focuses on Functional Vision Assessment for students with Cortical Visual Impairment.
Check out the cool features introduced in iOS 11 and a work-around for a small VoiceOver bug in one of these new features.
How do these new features impact users who are visually impaired and blind?
There are 3 sessions included in this training module that describe best practices for serving students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.
A resource puzzle created by O&Ms for O&Ms!
Questions about Google Classroom and JAWS? Check out these amazing videos!
These 10 resources will help students figure out what colleges to tour and apply to.
The course will include information pertaining to the causes of CVI and program planning/interventions for individuals with CVI.
Watch this advocacy video created by a rising middle school student and her friends!
Including students with IEPs and 504s, with a special focus on low vision, on class field trips.
I have a nine year old daughter that is visually impaired, she has her big IEP meeting coming up in two weeks. Although she is provided excellent service, as her parent I don't just want to go into...
What features you need when purchasing a printer, with a special focus on low vision users.
Equal access means equal opportunity for students with disabilities.
Check out the new HIMS braille notetaker!
How accessible is Microsoft Edge with a screen reader?
Print, braille and technology - how does it all fit together?