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Blind high school student with multiple disabilities learning how to answer multiple choice questions in iBooks using an iPad and braille display.
The best advice about accommodationsI ever received - Why & how to transition an iEP to a 504 Plan before Graduation.
How to switch from a physical classroom to a virtual class without a lot of drama.
Has your class gone Google? Check out these Google Keyboard Shortcuts!
Who can benefit from using a flip phone?
Goodreads is a free and accessible website and app that allows you to track what books you've read, see what your friends are reading and rate and review books.
You can use these questions, tips, and comparison chart to guide you in selecting a video magnifier (CCTV).
Accessibility fixes and no new bugs!
Check out the new features and information for NVDA: January 2018!
When a student with CVI is in transition from Phase I to Phase II it can sometimes be hard to find activities that will motivate them and be functional.
Selecting clothing to wear each day requires problem solving skills and planning, which are an essential part of living independently.
The Department of Justice withdrew the proposed regulations; how does this impact website accessibility?
Get started with TalkBack screen reader on your Samsung phone!
Learn all about using the Chrome browser and Chrome OS (Chromebook) with these great video tutorials!
How to use Amazon Alexa to read. Great for users with blindness, low vision and print disabilities.
Every educator should hear what Dr. Grandin has to say about teaching students who are on the autism spectrum!
Choose 1, 2, or 3 Days. Day 1: CVI Assessment and Programming Tools. Day 2: Consideration of CVI and Impact on O&M. Day 3: Path to Literacy: CVI Prerequisites.
5 news apps that are free and accessible for screen readers, magnifiers, and large print. Great for low vision users with print disabilities.
Catching a bus or train? Check out these Google Maps features!
Learn what high resolution images are, why they are important, how to create them, and where to find them.
When zoomed in and writing on iPads, individuals with low vision should decide between dragging on the screen or keyboard shortcuts to proofread their work.
When you or your students low vision are using a Chromebook, there is an easy way to learn keyboard shortcuts: just press (CTRL+ALT+?)!
Read Magazines for free with your participating library with RBDigital app and Zinio for Libraries.
How can educators use this survey when teaching students?
Check out these new and future accessibility features!
How I use Notability in the high school and college classrooms, and how I get my school work done digitally.
This conversation covers specific strategies and modifications to Orientation & Mobility for students with Cortical Visual Impairment.
Access free video books using QR codes - at school, at home, or on-the-go!
This article reviews the handwriting recognition feature of the Seeing AI app.
Why it matters which web browser you use with a screen reader.
APH announcement concerning VisioBook, Refreshabraille 18, Matt Connect and Orbit Reader 20.
Watch these videos on how to make your Office 365 materials accessible for ALL students!
1-day workshop in Granite State College, NH - March 20: focuses on CVI: causes, assessment and strategies for access and improvement of vision for CVI students.
Sesame Enable provides users who are physically disabled to independently access and use their smart phone!
This tutorial gives participants insight into the precious first days of premature newborns and the additional consideration that twins bring.
2017 year-end review by Disability Wisdom Consulting includes research & additional information to help prepare students for employment.
This article will introduce the relatively new Eyes-Free Fitness app from BlindAlive.
Memor-i Studio is a platform that allows anyone without programming skills to create new inclusive electronic games.
Having trouble taking notes in class? Try recording the lecture!
Create your own CVI images and activities!
El on the Shelf with sounds for students who are visually impaired!
Eight free skills that can help you relax and fall asleep using Amazon Echo/Alexa.
Windows Magnifier is a free and functional screen magnification accessibility program built into all Windows computers
Student's letter advocating for updated assisted technology.
How to Make Instructor Evaluations Accessible While Preserving Anonymity
Government websites with information on assistive technology and disability.
Want to teach your student keyboarding skills?
There are 4 sessions included in this training module on functional literacy for students with visual impairments and additional disabilities.
How to protect your data and settings in case your iPad suddenly fries on a Friday night.
Step-by-step instructions to create our own iBook using the iBook author app