Assistive Technology

Do you know what the different patterns mean?
A successful college student with low vision and chronic illness shares her reasons for having a desktop computer along with a laptop.
How would you like to learn about a technology device that has helped thousands of blind or visually impaired people? This blog will tell you what I think are t
Be My Eyes is an app for people with visual impairments. This app connects with a real person who can help you read something that you can not see.
A successful college student with low vision shares her accessibility experiences with the Kindle Fire.
How do I get there? Important college locations for O&M instruction.
Are you visually impaired and accident prone? Here are some ideas on how to deal with injuries.
In this post, we will look at the new update to the TextGrabber app, explore its new features, and determine which populations would benefit most from its use.
Braille notetaker vs. braille display? Learn about the pros and cons!
Try this accessible reading app!
A successful college student with low vision shares 10 free college library resources that are not found on shelves!
Do you need to see things without all the strain? Yeah, there's an app for that.
Here is a another way for students with low vision to view what is on the board.
Want to learn how to use the Seeing Eye GPS app? Check this out!
Accessible iBook was created to explain blue items for students with visual impairments.
A successful college student with low vision and chronic pain shares what tools she carries with her to class.
In this article, I look at three web applications to try to assess how usable they might be for people with visual impairments.
Having trouble navigating a smart phone? Try this!
Participants will be provided an overview of a few of the microsites available for use within Perkins eLearning, and what each site can offer the reader.
What can YOUR class do with Make Makey kits?
Making diagrams, like pie charts or bar graphs, are easy in Excel. You just need to know the key commands.
Summer is for reading - take advantage of this sale!
Using the TPACK Conceptual framework, participants will take a step-by-step approach to defining educational goal for technology.
Have questions about accessibility features or tasks using VoiceOver?
Just in time for summer! Cars 3 is now playing in theaters and is accessible for students with visual or hearing impairments!
Which MacBook is right for you?
What have we learned about reading development for students with visual impairments?
Having trouble typing in a password? Here is an easy solution!
A successful college student with low vision shares how she checks apps for accessibility.
Apple recently announced their latest revision to iOS, so with any update, I'd like to break down some of the biggest features that can be found within iOS 11!
Use this popular game to teach math grid concepts!
Pixar's Finding Dory is teaching an orientation and mobility skill!
A big win for accessible websites!
Feeling overwhelmed with the BlindSquare app? Watch this instructional video!
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Who should you meet before college classes begin?
A successful college student with low vision shares her experiences about educators telling her that she is 'too high-functioning'.
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This lightening-fast NC State grad shares how he uses a screen reader.
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Here is an addicting game of 3D Tic Tac Toe
Dealing with the infamous dorm fire alarms.
Being a user of Amazon Echo if you haven’t tried these amazing tricks and tips then you need to do it now. Once take a glance at these tricks and tips.
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Here is a fun block toy for an emerging braille preschooler!
Here is a sneak preview from Apple's WWDC!
Exploring Audio-Supported Reading with Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired: A Resource for Parents, Teachers, and Students
Is your student reading at the same speed as his/her peers?