Assistive Technology

An accessible iBook about animals and where they live.
Demonstration of using Scanner Pro and Adobe Fill and Sign apps on the iPad.
Have a slow double tap? Here is information about how you can change the speed setting!
Golden Apple Awards 2015
Stay current on El Capitan software updates!
Article about using 3D Touch with VoiceOver on an iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
Blindfold apps are a series of iPhone and iPad games that are accessible.
Learn about Window-Eyes, a screen reader for users with visually impairments and blindness.
A student with low vision shares how he accesses specific text without turning on VoiceOver.
The DO-IT Center website has resources and programs to increase success for students with disabilities in challenging academic fields and careers.
Activities to help a student learn and practice VoiceOver gestures.
SAS Flash Cards for Windows enables educators and students to create, learn and share digital flash cards.
Nemeth Tutorial is a free, web-based curriculum with training activities and practiceexercises for first grade through eleventh grade.
New iOS 9.1 accessibility feature that enables a user to adjust the speed of the double tap gesture.
ChromeVox is a screen reader created by Google that allows users to browse the Internet.  ChromeVox is built into any computer running Chrome OS including every Chromebook.  It can also be added to...
Video demonstration of using Windows 10 and JAWS.
Simple tricks when using JAWS and Word: sending emails directly from Office and creating/answering math equations in a Word document.
Video that demonstrates basic VoiceOver gestures on the Mac's trackpad and basic navigational VoiceOver keyboard commands.
Using new VoiceOver accessibility updates on OS X Yosemite: iBooks Accessibility, arrow navigation commands and improved Alex voice.
Comparing how US and other countries education systems.
Accessible iBook that describes the color Brown to students who are blind.
This post demonstrates how to introduce a young student to using a screen reader through several fun, simple activities.
Video of a student demonstrating the Zoom feature on the iPad.
There are numerous accessibility options built-in to Apple Computers.  Many of these options can be selected by going to the Apple Menu (Apple symbol in the top left corner of the screen) > System...
Want to be more efficient with your braille display?
Facts about using braille device with Apple products.
Video demonstrating student's eye condition, educational needs and personality as student transitions to middle school.
Information about an iOS emerging braille app and how to implement this app with a preschooler.
Autism research app launched.
Keyboarding instruction for students who are visually impaired or blind.
Low vision and blind hints on using an iOS device to learn music parts.
Demonstration on how to setup and use Zoom and Mac Keyboard shortcuts on a Mac computer.
Results of Screen Reader survey.
Just Say Hi campaign to address hesitation in conversing with people with disabilities.
Video demonstrating three accessible preschool apps used with a refreshable braille display.
Video demonstrating iZiggi Wireless Document Camera to access near and distance materials.
A totally blind student with multiple disabilities learning to write using an iPad and refreshable braille display.
Video demonstrating high school student with multiple disabilities learning to read using an iPad and refreshable braille display.
Join.Me is a screen sharing app that enables a low vision student to view what is on the board.
Website article with a guide for prospective college students with visual impairments.
Reading speed is an important consideration, but please recognize that we don’t have data on
 sustained reading speeds for any student regardless
 of media or visual status. And we have no data on...
Personal Experience about using technology in college from a Braille Reader
Your iPhone can provide instant emergency information to first responders!
Instructions on how to create a tactile overlay for the iPad.
Cutting-edge tecthnology that enables people with disabilities.
Blindfold Racer is a popular fully accessible driving game where you use your ears instead of your eyes.
Blindfold Word Games are an accessible iOS app that includes Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble.
Learn how to use the Rotor on iOS devices: information and activities.
A blind woman shares practical suggestions on how to start using an iPhone with VoiceOver.
What is a Window's task bar?