Assistive Technology

Here is one way to convert print to accessible Word documents!
This is a demonstration of how I use the Maps app on an iPhone.
I like to download my books from Bookshare on an SD Card Reader. In this video, I am using a Dell computer and JAWS as I explain how to do this to my TVI.
Geneva shares how she went from, "Day 1 knowing nothing" to learning how to navigate the iPad and then use the iPad for completing writing assignments in about
Students with visual impairments talk about how they use technology.
A blind student's demonstration of using an iPad.
Student review of the email app.
Student review of Pages app.
In this 5-minute video, Samantha, who is a 7th grade girl with albinism, discusses the types of technology she uses.
In this video, a 7th grade student with albinism talks about why she likes the iPhone 6S.
Luisa, a 7th grade student, talks about how she uses assistive technology including using her Braille Sense U2 (Braille Notaker) and her favorite iOS apps.
(Excerpts from Introduction to iPad Accessibility Features for Blind and Low Vision Students manual and from the iPad Accessibility Settings manual © 2014 SAS Institute Inc. Cary, NC USA written by...
Introducing chord commands to Layla, a preschooler using an iPad paired with a refreshable braille display.
Ideas on how to motivate a student with visual impairments and blindness to use a Bluetooth keyboard commands.
A TVI shares her experiences on starting a four year old on an iPad with a refreshable braille display.
Tips and guidelines on using an iPad as part of a Functional Vision Assessment / Learning Media Assessment (FVA/LMA) with children with visual impairments
A systematic and effective approach on how to teach VoiceOver on the iPad to students with visual impairments and blindness (VIB).
High school student with low vision discusses his favorite iOS apps.
Accessible iBook was created to explain the color purple to students with visual impairments.
The internet has been swarming with rumors from various technology companies about future product releases. The most recent from 9to5Mac states that Apple has looked at Tuesday, March 15h for their...
In this entry, I want to cover with you my top favorite features in iOS. Now iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system, so don’t confuse this with Android, an operating system created by Google, and OSX...
This tutorial explores how to best use technology in the classroom to meet the needs of students with visual impairments or blindness.
Recently, Apple released the betas of iOS 9.3 as well as OSX, TvOS, and WatchOS. I’ve gotten to try out iOS 9.3 and WatchOS2.2, and with both updates, great features, and functionality come to each...
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! As we begin 2016, let’s talk about all the products we can expect from the Cupertino based company. This post will consist of a bunch of...
As 2015 draws to a close, I want to cover everything Apple has done this past year. I will give you my positive and negative opinions on all of the products and services that they introduced this...
Accessible iBook was created to explain the color green to students with visual impairments.
This past Thursday, during Target’s Black Friday sale, I had the opportunity to pick up the Apple Watch Sport for $350 plus a $100 Target gift card. In this post, I am going to give you my first...
Want to pay with your iPhone? Try the new Apple Pay!
Which is better, iOS or Android. In this post I am going to outline the benefits of both of these operating systems, but keep in mind that these are my honest opinions. I have used both Android and...
Oh no! Your charger broke! What do you do? You could by a new one, use one that’s lying around, or request a new one from a warranty provider. Instead of going with a third party service, I choose to...
In this webcast, Ed Summers and Diane Brauner discuss the work they have been doing with teachers regarding iPad accessibility.
The tutorial explores listening as a learning strategy for students with print disabilities, including sensory, cognitive, learning, and physical impairment.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see the new movie, Steve Jobs, starring Michael Fassbender. After reading books about Steve, including his biography by Isaac Watkinson, I had an idea of his...
Are you an early adopter? Check out these new products!
When I was 9, I started looking to technology to help me with my schooling. I have had the opportunity to work with an array of products from Samsung, HP, and Apple. Being able to take advantage of...
This webinar will cover the concept of "Listening" in an educational context, specifically in the development of literacy skills.
Looking for help about how to use VoiceOver on a Mac?
Siu shares a range of tips related to building a community of practice, identifying resources in the field and staying calm in the face of technology issues.
"Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam" is an interactive e-book to that prepares young children for visit to the eye doctor.
Explore emerging technologies for the digital classroom, including image and video description, as well as multimodal data displays.
This tutorial suggests activities, applications, and teaching strategies for using technology to teach leisure and recreation skills.
In this webcast Yue-Ting discusses the challenges and critical thinking needed to evaluate new technologies while making decisions based on student needs.
This presentation focuses on the Recreation and Leisure area of the Expanded Core Curriculum through the use of common technology and assistive devices.
This course will address current tools to access multimedia content, and ways to integrate technology into a student’s workflow in the classroom.
The workshop teaches participants how to use Bookshare resources and tools so that teachers can provide timely access to textbooks and print materials.
This tutorial provides strategies involved in conducting an assessment as well as in choosing the right assistive technology tool for the learner.
Welcoming Students is made up of 4 modules, each containing a lecture, video segments, readings, and assigned activities to enhance and apply your learning.
Teacher-made iBooks: Dolce Word Lists and Literary Braille Code.
This training module demonstrates how to select and use the best iPad apps for students with visual impairments and other disabilities.
This online course offers education specialists the tools necessary to guide and instruct teachers on how to effectively implement Bookshare in the classroom.