Assistive Technology

Sami Says is a web recording story game for students with visual impairments.
Visual Brailler is braille editor app for the iPad.
Study comparing digital braille vs. paper braille.
Information on the newly revised (9/15) APH Refreshabraille 18 and updated software version 6.0.
Using Google Translate and a preferred speech synthesizer to translate text and to speak a foreign language correctly.
A fully accessible astronomy book with digital charts, graphs, and images.
Tar Heel Read is a free on-line resource giving students access to easy-to-read, teacher created accessible books.
Accessible YouTube is a way to access YouTube videos using two switches or a mouse.
Collection of free web-based games for young students with visual impairments.
Accessibyte Arcade is a collection of 6 accessible Windows computer games.
Help in pairing the APH 18 Refreshabraille with an iPad
Here is a good intro to getting started with Narrator - Windows built-in screen reader.
Want to know more about TalkBAck gestures?
AppleVis has created an on-going directory of accessible apps for the Apple Watch.
Learn how to use your Mac's native Internet browser!
The Center for Universal Design in Education (CUDE) is a resource to help educators apply universal design to all aspects of education.
Need help turning on the accessibility features with a Chromebook? Go to Google's help page
Camp to teach students with visual impairments how to use tablets.
Cortona, the personal assistant for Windows 10.
Is technology beneficial in the classroom?
Description of Windows 10 built-in accessibility settings.
Quick reference chart for third-level VoiceOver commands for OS X Yosemite (Mac).
Quick reference chart for second-level VoiceOver commands for OS X Yosemite.
Quick reference chart for first-level VoiceOver commands for Yosemite (Mac).
Low vision features (and more) with OS X Yosemite (Mac).
Information about Duxbury Braille Translator updates for Windows 10.
SAS Flash Cards for iOS enables educators and students to create, learn and share digital flash cards.
SAS Gloss is an iOS annotation app that enables low vision students to write directly on pictures or pdfs.
Blindfold Hopper is a fun, accessible iPhone game that can also teach basic sonification skills.
Here is a group focused on accessibility of Apple products!
The accessible Office Lens app is a scanning app that converts print text into an editable digital text.
Links to two articles listing the best Android Apps for blind and visually impaired.
Learn about the accessibility features on Windows 10.
Video of a blind preschooler and her first three accessible apps.
Learn how to edit using Google Docs and VoiceOver!
Universal design resources for educators.
Can I change my device's settings to display UEB braille?
Learn how to set your technology to display UEB braille.
Looking for materials with UEB braille?
Free accessible books for older students who are beginner readers.
Are online math textbooks really accessible with a screen reader?
Learn how to use Google Docs' built-in OCR.
Looking for a scanner? Check out this portable scanner!
How to set your device to UEB.