Assistive Technology

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Learn how to use this new and exciting software that enables blind students access digital charts and graphs/1
Free SAS® Graphics Accelerator transforms graphs and charts into sound to paint audio pictures
Want to try out the new SAS Graphics Accelerator? Learn how to "visualize data" with hands-on experience at CSUN!
This app enables blind users to use electronic appliances, such as a thermostat, washer, oven or microwave.
Nearby Explorer is an iOS and Android GPS app designed for users with visual impairments.
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Have you ever been told you cannot do something, just because you are visually impaired? YOU BELONG.
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Designing websites and online resources that are favorable for colorblind users.
Maze Day is an annual event tech-related educational games and activities for students with visual impairments hosted by the UNC's computer science department.
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