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This self-paced tutorial has 6 sessions that demonstrate theories and best practices for teaching students with visual impairments and additional disabilities.
Answering the who, what, when, where and why of audio description
Want to know what is coming up in Windows 10? Check out this Preview!
New Hampshire: 1 day workshop — October 26. The workshop will emphasize the foundational principles used to facilitate literacy skills in children with CVI.
Here is a list of free online bedtime stories and tips for bedtime reading!
New Hampshire — 2 day workshop — August 7 & 8. Learn how to integrate technology into a student’s workflow in the classroom.
Traveling in an unique rural environment? Learn how BlindSquare is being used in unique rural islands in Maine.
Accessible technology is everywhere - including aboard the Research Vessel Neil Armstrong!
Thinking about purchasing a new smart phone? Compare the native accessibility features built-in iOS and Android.
Including children with blindness and low vision at children's museums, featuring the Thinkery Museum. Part of the Summer Fun Series.
The iOS version of the BARD mobile app recently underwent some changes. curious what they are? Then read on!
How I use Aira Smart Glasses in college with low vision and how they have helped me travel independently.
A free online library service that helps you learn technology and improve your resume.
Follow Amy as she heads back to sea!
A veteran who uses technology to help individuals with disabilities.
APH has recently released a new math app!
Practice your math skills anywhere, anytime using your iPhone!
Enter to win a Feelif Gamer!
Braille display manufacturers and operating systems work together to create braille display standards!
Latest Apple news including the upcoming release of iOS 12, macOS 10.14 Moiave, watchOS 5 and tvOS12.
Tecla shares information about 7 types of switches that can be used to control tech devices.
Tips for visiting water parks with a vision impairment. Part of my Summer Fun Series.
Get through TSA screenings in minutes and avoid taking everything out of your carry on for $17 a year.
Molly is a major vlogger with 13 million subscribers who happens to be blind.
How to use the Coca-Cola Freestyle App to make it easier to choose and customize drinks.
Information on how to use the annotation app, SAS Gloss to create accessible low vision maps.
The developers of the popular accessible Blindfold Games are seeking input as they plan the development of a game-based accessible curriculum.
Visiting amusement parks with vision impairment, part of my Summer Fun Series.
Miss GAAD? How to celebrate assistive technology and accessibility every day of the year.
Word enables users to customize text for even more accessibility!
Find out how to become a vision professional and information about teaching training.
Suggestions on how to teach students to use tactile maps, from the most basic object books to more complex tactile graphics.
Graphics provide a wealth of information. But what if your students can't see them? Learn how to create tactile graphics for students who are blind.
Vision simulation is one way to understand how the world is experienced by someone with a visual impairment.
This is an accessibility review of Amazon's Fire TV Stick with Alexa and contains links to resources to help you get started with your device.
Here is a great resource for developers who want to include accessibility in their iOS app.
Bookshare offers special summer reading lists for hours of enjoyment.
AirPlay 2, messages in the Cloud, ClassKit framework and more
Control plus may be the most used zooming tool when users surf the web or use a program. However there may be times when you might use Magnifier instead.
How the google Assistant Camera helps Visually Impaired Android Users
A collection of 3D audio Games designed for the Visually Impaired. Available for iOS and Android.
Low cost on-demand tactile street maps.
Potentially use your phone to unlock doors and as a virtual transit card.
The webinar identifies modifications and supports for therapies and assessments when working with children who have CVI.
Accessible Videos for young learners with Vision Impairments.
Ideas for how visually impaired students can use virtual reality and augmented reality in the classroom.
Planning a trip? Learn about BlindSquare Enabled Airports!
You may need to check this setting if you're having issues pairing a braille display to a computer over bluetooth.
Here are FREE digital educational materials!
A new way to get tech support with the Be My Eyes App and Microsoft Disability Answer Desk.