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Instant Pot: Bluetooth enabled crock pot/pressure cooker

"I'm considering one of these cookers and it's exciting to know that they can be used easily with Bluetooth. I was surprised to find out, though, that the user manual says they shouldn't be used by or near individuals with disabilities. Someone pointed this out to me and I confirmed it through a Google search. We need to communicate with the manufacturers to make sure they remove... read more
- Jennifer Bose
, Nov 26, 2018

My Experience at the Grace Hopper Celebration 2018

"Hi Veroniiiica,   Thanks for the great recap of the conference and thanks for stopping by the SAS booth! Danielle, Snigdha, and the rest of the team from SAS send their best.   Ed  "
- Ed Summers
, Nov 21, 2018

Colored Paper and the Readability Test

"Thank you, this was very helpful, actually. I was just trying to pick colors for a 100-page document I need to print. Now I know to do blue for the internal pages and yellow on the cover (which I had already selected). :) Thank you. "
- Ngozi
, Nov 10, 2018

How Do People with Low Vision . . . Complete Science Labs?

"There are more ways than this! Independence Science allows blind students to do labs themselves with talking equipment. Please email me at If you want help with this. We’re a company of blind scientists with science degrees and would love to help your students have a more accessible approach than just a partner! "
- Ashley Neybert
, Nov 08, 2018

My Eight Favorite Free Fonts for Print Disabilities

"I would really query comment that "must use Times New Roman 12 font, single spacing". If the student can not access N12 he/she should be typing in any font size that they can access. If need be when submitting to a teacher then select all (Ctrl + a) and change the font size back! On top of that if they have a literacy difficulty single spacing not beneficial! The research tells us... read more
- No Thanks
, Nov 06, 2018

How Do People with Low Vision Take Dance Classes? Class Success # 4

"Hello Sabine, There are lots of resources online for teaching dance to people who are blind.  Here are a few: Dance Adaptations How to Convey Dance to Those Without Sight? All Hands On Brazil's ballet for the blind Good luck! "
- Charlotte Cushman
, Nov 05, 2018
"Sabine,  I checked at Perkins: Perkins does not offer dance classes. Sorry, I have not heard of any group that does offer dance specific to dance instructors or dancers who are visually impaired. Good luck! "
- Diane Brauner
, Nov 05, 2018
"Hello, I would be interested to know if either Perkins or other schools or individual teachers organise dance courses for the blind. I am interested in many styles, did some oriental, salsa etc. I don't live in the US, but if something is organised during the summer in an intensive way I could consider atending. I would also like to know if there are more materials like this article to help... read more
- Sabine
, Oct 27, 2018