Student Posts

Mac displaying magnified screen with Speak Text settings.

Speak Text Feature on Mac: Video

A student with low vision shares how he accesses specific text without turning on VoiceOver.
Image of student demonstrating Zoom on an iPad.

Drew: Zoom Feature on the iPad Video

Video of a student demonstrating the Zoom feature on the iPad.
Girl with albinism standing and smiling at camera

Samantha: Self-Advocating Transition to Middle School Video

Video demonstrating student's eye condition, educational needs and personality as student transitions to middle school.
Finger zooming on a mouse with a Mac computer in the background.

Zoom Feature on a Mac Using a Mouse: Video

Demonstration on how to setup and use Zoom and Mac Keyboard shortcuts on a Mac computer.
Image of a smiling 4 year old boy playing Sami Says on the computer.

Sami Says: Create a Story Web Browser Game

Sami Says is a web recording story game for students with visual impairments.
Fingers flying on an iPhone

Luisa using Maps on an iPhone

This is a demonstration of how I use the Maps app on an iPhone.
Luisa sitting in front of a computer with her hands on the keyboard.

Luisa: Bookshare Download to SD Card Reader using JAWS

I like to download my books from Bookshare on an SD Card Reader. In this video, I am using a Dell computer and JAWS as I explain how to do this to my TVI.
Image of Geneva with her iPad and Bluetooth keyboard

Geneva: iPad Success Story Video

Geneva shares how she went from, "Day 1 knowing nothing" to learning how to navigate the iPad and then use the iPad for completing writing assignments in about
Image of Text: Technology Washington State School for the Blind, Andrew Pennington

How Do Visually Impaired Students use Technology: Washington State School for the Blind Video

Students with visual impairments talk about how they use technology.
Image of Shane holding an iPad

Shane: How Blind Students Use an iPad video

A blind student's demonstration of using an iPad.
Mail app logo: White envelope on a blue background.

Email App for iOS

Student review of the email app.
Pages logo: A white pen drawing a line with a orange background.

Pages App for iOS

Student review of Pages app.
7th grade girl with Albinism

Interview with Samantha

In this 5-minute video, Samantha, who is a 7th grade girl with albinism, discusses the types of technology she uses.
Girl with albinism holding iPhone

Samantha Talks About iPhone 6S

In this video, a 7th grade student with albinism talks about why she likes the iPhone 6S.
7th grade student with curly long hair using a Braille Sense U2.

Luisa Interview: Using Assistive Tech

Luisa, a 7th grade student, talks about how she uses assistive technology including using her Braille Sense U2 (Braille Notaker) and her favorite iOS apps.