Molly Burke: an activist, beauty blogger and YouTuber

Molly Burkey, 23 year old with long black hair sitting on the floor dressed in black and white leggings, pink shirt and barefoot

Molly is breaking down walls about people with disabilities using a mainstream pop culture - vlogging. (Vlogging is a type of blog in which posting are primarily in video form.) Molly uses humorous vlogs about her life a a blind person, her thoughts, opinions, anti-bullying, beauty tips, and more. Molly has a strong following of 13 million subscribers. 

Molly was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at the age of 4 and began her career of public speaking at the age of five as an ambassador for The Foundation Fighting Blindness Canada. She continues to inspire and bring vision awareness through her energetic inspirational speaking and through her fun-loving vlogs.


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Molly's YouTube channel.