Interactive Fiction Games

Photo of the top 30 IF game covers.

Interactive Fiction is one of the oldest forms of computer games - interactive stories and experiences in which you are an active character in the adventure and the story evolves around your choices.  Explore a network of caves stocked with treasures and hazards - did you forget your lamp?  See what happens next!

Interactive Fiction is text-based - no graphics.  Interactive Stories are available on various devices, including iPads and are fully accessible.  Have your own story plots?  Create your own Interactive Fiction stories!

Want to learn more?  Read Nicholas' AppleVis blog, Yo Human! - An Adventure in the Making:  Accessing Life with Adaptive Technology.

PC Enthusiast shares the 30 best Text-Adventures/Interactive Fiction games for over 5 Decades.  Note: Some games, such as the Adventure was written specifically for young children; however, these games have not been reviewed for student audiences

Teacher Hint:  These stories are a fun way to introduce and reinforce listening skills to older students with low vision!  Encourage your budding writers to create their own Interactive Fiction (IF) game!  



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