Student Posts

Molly Burkey, 23 year old with long black hair sitting on the floor dressed in black and white leggings, pink shirt and barefoot

Molly Burke: an activist, beauty blogger and YouTuber

Molly is a major vlogger with 13 million subscribers who happens to be blind.
Amazon's 'smile' logo with the text, "amazon" written in braille dots.

Michael Forzano: Programmer at Amazon

Interview of a successful programmer who is totally blind and wears cochlear implants.
Face with single finger over mouth in shushing gesture emoji


Three easy ways to learning use emojis!
Madden NFL 17 logo

How blind players succeed at sports video games they've never seen

A few small accessibility changes can unlock a whole new playerbase.
Screenshot from STEM Career Video: Students with lab coats, hair nets and gloves are working with adults  doing lab experiments.

STEM Field Mentors: STEM Career Showcase

Has your student connected with successful role models who are working in STEM Fields?
Braille Rap logo with text "braille rap song".

Learning braille? Check out these braille songs!

Make learning braille fun with these two braille songs!
Blind man in a foot-propelled kayak navigating with his Trekker Breeze GPS system.

Using GPS to Navigate on Water

Do you like water sports - boating, kayaking, etc?
Cartoon image of blind man with a cane and a robot.

Blind QA testing (Part 1)

Interested in being an accessibility tester? Learn more about it!
Facebook logo:  White small case letter "f" on blue background.

Navigating Facebook with a Screen Reader

Need help with Facebook? Use the Navigation Assistant!
Riley and two of her friends talking beside their lockers.

Riley's Transition to Middle School Video

Watch this advocacy video created by a rising middle school student and her friends!
Black and white image of a motorcycle rider driving through a road tunnel.

Cyclepath: Accessible Mac game

Looking for a new Mac game? Check this out!
Photo of the Ruby handheld magnifier displaying a magnified map.

The Ruby

My Ruby is more valuable than a real ruby.
BlindSquare App Logo

BlindSquare--Liberating Blind People from a Square of Restriction

For $39.99, a person who is blind can buy an app that will give him freedom in navigation and mobility.
Photo of the Braille Sense U2, a 32 cell braille notetaker.

Braille Sense U2

How would you like to learn about a technology device that has helped thousands of blind or visually impaired people? This blog will tell you what I think are t
Be My Eyes logo

Be My Eyes: iOS App

Be My Eyes is an app for people with visual impairments. This app connects with a real person who can help you read something that you can not see.
Mag Light Logo

Mag Light: a great magnification app

Do you need to see things without all the strain? Yeah, there's an app for that.
Screenshot of Actiview App with Cars 3 accessibility options: Audio Description, Amplified Audio, and Closed Captions.

Cars 3, accessible movie app and activities!

Just in time for summer! Cars 3 is now playing in theaters and is accessible for students with visual or hearing impairments!
6 students sitting in a college classroom receive brailled materials; one student has vision and does not read braille.

Importance of Accessible Materials spoof

What if your class received materials in braille instead of print?
Sina Barham, a smiling man in his 20s holding a tablet.

How I Code and Use a Computer at 1,000 Words per Minute: Sina Bahram

This lightening-fast NC State grad shares how he uses a screen reader.
Student starting to stand on a surf board with instructor in the background raising his hands in encouragement.

Indo Jax Surf Camp

Ever consider surfing? Here is your opportunity!