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I wrote about an application called Eclipse Soundscapes prior to the solar eclipse on August 21 that allowed people with low...

By: Susan Adcock
I would like to purchase a green reusable Amazon tote. How do I go about ordering one?
By: Diane Brauner
Great tips for participating in theater!  Several of my students who are totally blind participated in...
By: Olivia Chavez
Great information. APH has a wonderful accessible combination lock. I love mine. It costs $50; money well...
By: Olivia Chavez
Thank you for the comments from this student. I am appalled by the parent who referred to the high school...


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I sure hope someone can help me.  I was trying to move a game icon from the first page of my Home screen into my games...

Talking Typer for iOS was just released (April 2017).  Have you used it?  What do you think of this app to teach...