Internet Search - jump to main content?

When searching the Internet using an iPad, VoiceOver and/or a refreshable braille display - is there a way to get past the menus, lists, etc. and on to the area you're looking for? For example, getting past the menu and images in a Google search and on to the list of websites; or once in a website, to move on to the body of information? - M


Posted by Diane BraunerOct 12, 2017

You can use the rotor to navigate by Headings or links.  If you use a Bluetooth keyboard you can navigate closer to the way you do with a PC screen reader. - S

When VoiceOver is activated and you have opened a website, many websites will also have the accessibility feature "Jump to Main Content".  When VoiceOver says that, double-tap and you will skip all the extra tabs, etc. at the top of the page.

Also, Apple devices have the Reader function (visual symbol is three lines beside the URL address).  This eliminates all the advertisements and clutter on the page. When the Reader is activated, only the article (text and pictures) will be displayed. - D

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