Input underscore in email address using a braille display?

I am trying to help a student send an email using his Refreshbraille 18 and the Mail app on his iPad.  We can't seem to figure out how to input an underscore in the email address. I set it for Containers and 8 dot braille input. Do you know what dots should be pressed to create the underscore? Dots 4-5-6 don't seem to work. I couldn't find any other help online and thought you might have an answer.

Thank you so much if you can offer any help!


Posted by Diane BraunerOct 03, 2017

Using dots 4+5+6 in uncontracted six-dot braille did not work for me. Once I switched to uncontracted eight-dot braille, dots 4+5+6+7 created the underscore.  I found it best to do the following when writing an email address and message, which I sent to the student’s teacher:

When using the Mail app on the iPad with the Refreshabraille 18, use the following settings on the iPad:

  1. General-> Accessibility-> Voiceover-> Braille
  2. Output: Contracted Braille

Input: Uncontracted Eight-dot Braille

Braille Screen Input: Contracted Braille

To create an underscore in an email address, make sure the braille input is set to uncontracted eight-dot braille (“low h” chord on the Refreshabraille 18 or, on the iPad, go to General-> Accessibility->Voiceover->Braille-> Input->Uncontracted Eight-dot braille).  The underscore is written with dots 4-5-6-7 in eight-dot braille.  Use dots 4-7 to make the @ sign.  In uncontracted eight-dot braille, press the letter and dot 7 at the same time to create the capital letter. 

When you want to write the email message in contracted braille, use “low h” chord again and type your message in contracted braille.  Use dot 6 to make your capital letter.  After you press space between words, the contraction will appear.  If you want to switch to uncontracted six-dot braille to use dot 6 as your capital, use “low h” chord again. If you were to press “low h” chord again, you would get back to uncontracted eight-dot braille.

With each press of “low h” chord, it cycles through uncontracted eight-dot braille->contracted braille -> uncontracted six-dot braille, then back again.


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