Following class with auditory book?

What do you use to access textbooks auditorally?  I have tried Voice Dream and Bookshare but the pages do not match up to the text and it's very difficult for my students to follow along. Thanks! -A


Posted by Diane BraunerOct 03, 2017

I've found it pretty hard to match up the page numbers. The best strategy I've used for matching up is to get the teacher to give not just the chapter the piece of reading is in, but also the name of the section as well. Sometimes a brief description of what the subject matter for the reading is can help. By combining all that information I can typically find the reading selection by skipping through the different levels of headings. It can be a pain at times, but typically works. If your student has the ability to place a bookmark with whatever app or device they are using then it can help to locate the passage again when it comes time to study for quizzes and test.


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