Create a new contact from a text message using VO?

I have done this before, but I think something has recently changed.  How can I create a new contact from a text message using VoiceOver?  D


Posted by Diane BraunerJul 27, 2017

They have changed it slightly and it's gone one screen deeper into the system. So, find the More Info button at the top of the screen and double tap it. The screen which then opens has the heading ""Details". There's a "Done" button in the top right corner, and below that, there's a button which just reads as the phone number which the message has come from ... so if the phone number is 12345, it will say "12345 button". Double tap that, and another screen of options will open, including things like "Message" and "Call". The "Create new contact" option is near the bottom of that screen. - L

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