Airport Gate Information?

My mum has very very poor sight. She will be flying on her own soon. I know she could ask for someone to bring her to the boarding gate but she is determined to do it herself. Just wondering if there is any apps that show the info that's on the airport monitors. At the moment, I thought her to take a photo of the monitor and zoom in and she can read it that way. But the airport she will be flying out of has their monitors up very high. Thanks in advance!  -D


Posted by Diane BraunerJun 23, 2017

Initially posted on iPhone and iPad Apps for the Visually Impaired Facebook page:

Hi, how about advising her to use the airport's website? They normally update with live arrivals and departures info... Good luck! - C

If she downloads the app called scan and translate when she photographs the monitors the app will read them - J

Many airports have their own apps, and she might also consider contacting the airports a D a coordinator if they have one. - J

The app Flight View is great! You put in your flight numbers and it provides realtime updates. - A

Try downloading the airline's app (United, Delta, American, etc.) With your frequent flier number, your flight will be automatically entered into the app. You can then access up-to-date information about your specific flight, such as the gate number and you will get alerts to any flight changes. I also have my digital boarding pass in the app. I do take a picture of the boarding pass and access the pass from Photos; this eliminates accidental scrolling past the boarding past when swiping the boarding pass at the counter. Safe Travels! If possible, take a look at an airport map before traveling in order to get a general idea of the layout and where the desired gate is located. Also, iOS 11 is rolling out indoor navigation in Apple Maps.  Rumor has it that some airports will have this feature!  - Diane

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