Virtual Reality and Cane Techniques

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Screenshot from video: Woman holding a modified cane attached to the cane controller in a virtual reality environment.

Microsoft has created a cane controller that is used in virtual reality (VR) environments. The player maneuvers a modified cane (attached to the VR cane controller) to explore the virtual environment. Standard cane techniques - touch technique, shorelining, constant contact - can be used to walk through the virtual environment. The VR simulates real-life environments and the cane controller provides tactile feedback and sounds. Through the cane, the player feels like his cane has bumped a metal pole, shorelines a wall, runs across truncated domes, etc. In virtual reality settings, a cane user can practice cane techniques and explore environments - including street crossings - in a safe environment.

For more information about VR and long canes, read the article Microsoft creates a novel cane controller which lets visually impaired navigate in VR.

Watch the Canetroller video below: