Updated VO Starter iOS App

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VO Starter logo.

The VO Starter app is a favorite app for both educators and students - this app teaches the basic VoiceOver gestures as it leads you step-by-step through various activities.  Completely redesigned in December 2016, the VO Starter app (version 3.0) has a new look and additional lessons.  The Main Menu has the following options:

  • Starting VoiceOver
  • Basic Gestures
  • Magic Tap
  • The Rotor
  • Using the Home and Lock Screens
  • Status Bar, Control Center, and Notification Center
  • Editing Text
  • Online Resources

You have the option of starting at the beginning to sequentially work your way through all the lessons or jumping directly to your desired area.

Teacher Hint:  This is a great app for you and your students to learn about VoiceOver and practice VoiceOver skills!


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