New APH Street Crossings Computer Program

Featured Image: 
Cover of program with the text, "Crossings with No Traffic Control" by Dona Sauerburger, COMS Copyright 2017 APH.

Independent travelers who are visually impaired need to be able to analyze situations at crossing where there is no traffic control, including recognizing when they don't have enough warning of approaching vehicles. This APH software program provides simulation experiences and information that can help you teach your students how to analyze these situations, as well as suggestions and videos to hep you have them "take the show on the road" and apply what they learned to real-life settings.

Crossings with No Traffic Control, written by Donna Sauerburger, can be purchased through the APH. (APH catalog number 1-18988-00.) The program includes a flash drive containing software, Y-splitter and two sets of headphones.