Mag Light: a great magnification app

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Mag Light by Tom Geraci. Have you ever stared at a piece of paper and thought, “The print needs to be larger!”? Well, then you need Mag Light. Mag Light is an app designed by Falcon in Motion intended to significantly reduce strain on the eyes by magnifying something up to 5 times from the original image. It is available on iPads, iPhones and iPods only. Therefore, if you have a Samsung, a Blackberry, an Android or any other type of phone (flip or smart) or tablet, you’re out of luck. This app gets very high praise for the most part and can be used by anyone who has eye strain, not just people with low vision. The pro version of Mag Light costs only 99 cents and adds premium features that someone who uses the app may need. They include high contrast mode (as in invert colors), a focus indicator, an image stabilizer, a control panel to digitally adjust the brightness of the image, and many more. So if you feel so much strain on your eyes that you can’t read print without your eyes hurting and want a more portable magnification device than a CCTV, then Mag Light is a perfect fit for your vision.

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