Learning braille? Check out these braille songs!

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Some students, including students who are learning braille after using print, may lack motivation to learn braille. These two innovative teachers, wrote the Braille Rap Song as a fun tool help their students at the Helen Keller School learn braille. The rap is performed by students and professionally recorded and shared by APH.

APH's Braille Rap

Lyrics to the Braille Rap song also include simple hand motions.

Braille Rap Lyrics

The YouTube video below contains braille One-Cell Whole Word Contractions. The vocals in the video feature JAWS.

Here is a song about the importance of providing signs in braille. The song, "Brailing Signs is Cool to Do" is a parody of Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up is Hard To Do" song.

The Lyrics were written by Becky Williams and Linn Sorge. The song is sung by Anne Hills and David Roth and is available on the Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired website: Brailing Signs is Cool To Do song.

Brailing Signs is Cool To Do lyrics

Do you know songs, chants or lyrics about braille? Please share! Teachers, encourage your students to create lyrics/poems/chants to help learn or remember braille letters. Share these with us!