Issues with BrailleNote Apex and Google Apps

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photo of BrailleNote Apex

Many classrooms are using Google Classroom, a free web service aimed to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. Recently, several teachers of the visually impaired have asked whether the BrailleNote Apex is compatible with Google Classroom and other Google apps.

Larry Lewis shared this answer:

Unfortunately, it is not likely that you will be able to access Google Classroom or other Google apps via the BrailleNote Apex's web-browser. The Apex uses a proprietary web-browser that was developed in 2008 and runs on an operating system no longer supported by Microsoft. You may be able to use the Apex as a Braille display accessing Google Classroom through an iDevice, assuming that you can establish a stable connection between the devices. The newer BrailleNote Touch is Android-based and does a much better job on the Google Classroom front.

The BrailleNote Apex is no longer being sold on the Humanware website. Go to the Humanware website for information about the BrailleNote Touch, the Brailliant BI 32 or other Humanware products.

If you have a BrailleNote Apex, go to the Humanware website for video tutorials on how to use the BrailleNote Apex.