Finding Wheels Survey

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Hitch-hiking thumbs up with lonely road in the background.

In 2000 Drs. Anne Corn and L. Penny Rosenblum authored Finding Wheels: A Curriculum for Nondrivers with Visual Impairments for Gaining Control of Transportation Needs. This curriculum has been used widely in the field, but it’s well past time for it to be updated. Think about how much travel has changed for all of us in the last 2 decades – smartphones, GPS, laws pertaining to low vision drivers and the list goes on.

If you’re a teacher of students with visual impairments, O&M specialist, or rehabilitation professional, I know you have ideas, resources and/or materials that would enhance the second edition of Finding Wheels. The target age of travelers is youth and adults in their 20s.  The revised Finding Wheels will have topics including:

  1. Use of personal wheels (walking, biking, skateboarding)
  2. Use of public wheels (buses, trains, subways, airplanes)
  3. Budgeting
  4. Using technology in travel
  5. Problem solving before and during travel

Please take 20-30 minutes to share with me by going to the survey link.

There you’ll find a brief survey that is voluntary.  You’ll have the option to upload materials you’ve created.  If your material is selected for Finding Wheels you’ll be contacted to obtain written permission.

If you have questions please email Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum and or call 520-621-1223.