Error While Creating Yahoo Mail Account

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Yahoo Mail is a free, web-based email service.

Yahoo Mail service has gained popularity in the internet world as webmail services are being offered by best portals on the web. To create an account, you need to visit Yahoo homepage and press on the free email sign-up link. Fill the simple application to get an account. With the help of Yahoo, you can send messages, share images, videos or any file. Webmail services offered by one of the prominent web portals, also help you to interact with your families, friends and your loved ones. It provides 1TB initial storage to its user’s. There are certain issues that are faced by users during sign up for a new Yahoo account. Sometimes, web browser errors can avoid you from filling out the sign-up page. Here are some possible solutions, if you are unable to create a yahoo mail account get help.

Error registering an ID

  • Browser cookie settings issue. Review the configuration of the cookie in your web browser.
  • If your browser does not support or out of date. You need to download the current version of a supported web browser.
  • If CAPTCHA code is not loading properly.
  • You can also hear it - Press on the headphones icon located below the CAPTCHA to hear what images to choose.
  • You can also try a different code - Press the refresh icon located below the CAPTCHA to view a different code.
  • If "ID took" error message repeats. If you get a notice when logging in that the ID is not yet taken, this issue is often temporary and you will be able to open your account after some time.
  • If you're still facing the issue, try another browser, for example, use Firefox instead of Chrome or attempt to Sign up for a new Yahoo ID from an another device.
  • If ID already was taken. Yahoo is one of the most widely used emails and internet portal services. Because of this, many ID names are already taken. If you're trying to create new id (such as "") isn't available, try to add numbers to it or add an underscore or dot character in your username.

For example:

These are some reasons mentioned above with their solutions which will you face while creating new Yahoo account. You can also make a connection with Yahoo expertise by contacting Yahoo helpdesk contact number available on the web.


Posted by robin jeremy woolleySep 20, 2018

The Yahoo Email service is great. I trust it can be restored.

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