Earplay: Interactive Audio Stories iOS app

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Earplay Logo.

Earplay is an exciting interactive audio story medium - in which you answer questions that determine the outcome of the story.  The stories are similar to a radio drama with sound effects and intense voice acting.  Try the four free introductory stories, starting with the Earplay Demo.  

Currently, four introductory stories are available:

  • Earplay Demo
  • Orpheus Device (Horror, Mystery Thrilled)
  • Half: A Two-sided Surrealist Adventure 
  • Codename Cygnus Reactivated (Adventure, Mystery-Thriller)

For descriptions of these stories and for information about future stories, go to Earplay's website.

Note: The Earplay Demo is appropriate for students.  The Earplay stories are designed for adults and the app is labeled for ages 12+, so be sure to preview the stories before assigning a story to a student!

Throughout the story, the listener is asked a question; the answer will determine the next step of the story.  With and without VoiceOver, a student simply verbalizes his/her answer - it is completely voice activated.  Note: The app will ask for access to the iPhone's built-in microphone, which is required to interact with the story.

Earplay is accessible with VoiceOver.

Teacher Hint:  If the content is appropriate for your student, this is a great app for boosting a student's creativity and storytelling abilities!  These highly engaging stories  can also be used to encourage a low vision student to embrace auditory books and to improve auditory comprehension.  This app, if appropriate content, can be used by the entire class, not just the student with visual impairments.