CVI Adaptation for O&M stories using Notability app on the iPad

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This is a CVI adaptation to previous post "Using Notability app for Orientation and Mobility lessons with Younger Students with Low Vision" posted on October 14, 2016 on this Perkins Paths to Technology website. You can use this site for basic information on using the Notability app.

The examples below illustrate part of a story of an O&M lesson to the fair using the Notability App. The CVI adaptation options were to add a high contrast line drawing to illustrate the main focus, cut and paste an enlarged small part of a real picture or to add a simple clip art picture. These options allow for a simplified version of the real pictures taken during the lesson that have too much visual clutter for the CVI student. The student can then use the zoom option on the iPad to enlarge the pictures to if they need an enlarged view of the picture or want to view the smaller details in the picture. Another feature that you can add is to record the story using the microphone icon on the top too bar. Tap the microphone once and the recording time begins instantly. Tap the microphone again to stop the recording. Having your iPhone beside the iPad while recording with sound settings open will allow you to add a sound indicator for when the student should swipe up to go to the next page. Remember to allow additional time before the sound indicator after the words have been read for the student to explore the pictures and words with the iPad zoom option.

Open the Notability app and begin with text by tapping the bold "T" icon on the top tool bar. A tool bar will pop up on the bottom of the page to allow you to choose size of fonts and font options for your story. If you want to begin with a picture or when you want to add a picture just tap on the "+" sign. This will drop down additional choices of what you want to insert and where to get them.

In the Notability app the pencil or marker icon at the top of the page allows you to draw on the page with your finger. Tap the icon once to select the option and a second time to choose the size and color of the line you want to use in your drawing. If you make a mistake just tap on the eraser icon and erase your mistake or erase the whole drawing and start over. To get back to your text you must tap on the bold "T" icon. This option allows you to draw a simple high contrast line drawing to represent a landmark or event. After inserting a real landmark picture you can then draw a line drawing picture either beside or below it that is easier for the CVI student to interpret. Name the drawing with a single word or phrase using the text icon.

To use a simple clip art picture, google clip art pics with the name of the object you want for your picture and take a screen shot of the picture on your iPad. (Take a screen shot by pressing the home button and the power button at the same time. You will hear a click sound to indicate that you took a picture of your screen.). This will show up in your photos and can then be inserted in your story.

To use a portion of a picture, enlarge the picture with the zoom feature on your iPad then take a screen shot. The smaller enlarged portion of the picture will be added to your photos.

Sample pages in an O&M story about the experiences in the barn at the fair.

Notability screenshot: "In the barn we saw a cow"; picture of a student, teacher and real cow."Momma Cow": brightly colored drawn picture of a cow."She had an udder under her tummy." Photo of live cow's udder."Udder"; hand-drawn simplistic udder with black lines on a white background.Child's hand petting cow represented by hand flat on black background.Real pint-sized school milk carton with cow's head picture on the carton."Milk"; Simple hand-drawn outline of milk carton; black lines on white background.

The stories can also be printed with Braille and tactual adaptations added for students with less vision or multi handicapped students. These are great to leave on the classroom shelf for the students to explore themselves or share with others. 

Collage of CVI adaptations for Notability app