Braille Sense U2

Featured Image: 
Photo of the Braille Sense U2, a 32 cell braille notetaker.

This blog will tell you what I think are the best features of the Braille Sense U2. This device can be complicated at first. My model has a 32 cell braille display. The battery lasts for 17 hours before it needs to be recharged. The feature I find most interesting is its ability to connect to wifi, go on Youtube, facebook, twitter, and Email. It has Gps on it as well. When you write documents, you can load them onto a hard drive or you can move the files from one folder to another. You can also download books from bookshare. If you have the right cord, you can connect the braille note taker to a letterl embosser and emboss any files you have typed on the Braille Sense. Through bluetooth, you can also connect a regular printer with the Braille Sense, and print any documents you choose. You can also connect your Braille Sense to your Iphone with bluetooth. Hopefully, the Braille Sense U2 will catch your interest and you can find one through HIMS.

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