Best Bedtime Stories

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Mom and toddler holding a stuffed bear sitting and reading together.

The best part of the day, is that time right before bed when parents and children snuggle and read together. Wind down the day together, spark your imagination, and explore new worlds through captivating stories. Researchers have found that kids who were raised with a regular routine of listening to and reading bedtime stories have a higher than average rate of childhood literacy. A bedtime reading routine is also a great way to establish healthy sleep habits early and reinforce them consistently - kids with great sleep habits are more likely to retain what they've learned in school, grasp new material quickly, and think through problems creatively.

Want to capitalize on your bedtime reading? Tuck's article, Bedtime Reading For Children provides tips about how to engage your child when reading bedtime stories along with websites and video channels for free online books organized by the following reading level/ages:

  • Beginning Readers (Birth to Age 3)
  • Intermediate Readers (4-6)
  • Experienced Readers (Ages 7 and Older)


Book links include websites such as Storyberries. Storyberries offers both classic and contemporary online stories in an easy-to-read format with vibrant illustrations. However, the picture books (stories for beginning readers) are not accessible with a screen reader. The Chapter books for older students are text and are accessible with screen readers. The video books are read aloud; however most videos are not audio described.