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Mom and toddler holding a stuffed bear sitting and reading together.

Best Bedtime Stories

Here is a list of free online bedtime stories and tips for bedtime reading!

Hoonuit Free TechnologyTutorials Review

A free online library service that helps you learn technology and improve your resume.

Bookshare Books read using Microsoft Word with JAWS

Word enables users to customize text for even more accessibility!

Accessible Peep and the Big Wide World

Accessible Videos for young learners with Vision Impairments.

SoftSchools: Free online games, worksheets and quizzes

Here are FREE digital educational materials!
Finger hovering over the bright Pinterest app logo on a black screen on a smart phone.

Pinterest Accessibility

Use Pinterest to find creative educational ideas and activities for students who are visually impaired and blind.
Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet and chart: Amy's Shopping Budget

Excel Mini-Courses in 4 minutes: Budget

Quick and easy computer lessons for kids grades 4+ on how to create Excel budget and charts.
Photo: Overhead view of a student creating a graph on a computer.

10 Awesome and Surprising Ways You can Use Google Docs in the Classroom

Learn how to use Google Docs in your classroom to make elearning interesting of your students and teacher life a lot easier!

Typio Online: A Web Based Self Voicing Typing Program

This article features an overview of a new online typing program from Accessibyte called Typio Online.

Progress Monitoring with Google Forms

This is a time-saving way to keep a running record of each student's progress!
OneNote Logo with text, "OneNote"

Microsoft OneNote and Screen Readers

Here are the directions on how to use a screen reader with OneNote!

Capti Voice Narrator App Review

A great document/web reader for students with vision impairments and dyslexia that has Bookshare integration.
Image of lines with text: 'Braille Quiz'

How to Give a Spelling Test Using Google Forms, Sheets and Flubaroo!

Modify this to create braille letter/braille contractions tests?

Color Blindness Simulator

Interested in understanding or sharing about color blindness?

Accessibility Review of SpellQuiz Website

Are you looking for an accessible spelling game?

The Basics of Book Creator for the Web

How does the web based version of Book Creator work with Chrome Books?

Five Resources to Teach Keyboarding Skills

This article will introduce five options for teaching touch typing to students with visual impairments.

Bookshare's BeeLine Reader

Here is a popular new reading tool!
Image with text: DictationBridge: A free dictation solution for blind users everywhere

DictationBridge: Voice Input for Screen Readers

JAWS and NVDA have gone hands-free!
Cartoon character of Arthur's friend, Marina who is sitting at a desk with her hands on a Perkins braille writer.

Arthur's braille activity for classmates with vision

Check out these online braille activities featuring the cartoon character, Arthur!