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ZoomText logo and text, "ZoomText Basics"

ZoomText Basics

Learn more about this screen magnifier with these great resources!

Windows Magnifier: Have Magnifier Follow

The "Have Magnifier follow" feature in Windows Magnifier is a powerful, useful setting.

Wolfram Alpha

The accessibility of Wolfram Alpha, "a unique online engine for computing answers and providing knowledge" is examined.

Calculus for Beginners and Artists

A VI advisory on an MIT sponsored site that teaches Calculus
Square Route symbol and text, "Accessible Online Calculus Course

Accessible Online Calculus Course

Check out this online resource!

Equatio and Google Docs Tutorial

Here is a way to input accessible math equations!

YouDescribe Audio Described YouTube Videos Review

My Review of the YouDescribe app and Website. Watch YouTube videos with volunteer created audio descriptions.
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Popular Blind YouTubers

Check out these blind YouTubers!

Access to High-level Mathematics Using LaTeX

Blind individuals can achieve quality access to high-level mathematics using LaTex code.

App Review: Blind Abilities

Stay current on VI topics with Blind Abilities!

Coursicle Class Scheduling App Review

How I use the Coursicle Class Scheduling App in College to Register for Classes at the last minute, and register in a minute or less.

Trivia Educational Games on Alexa and Google Assistant

O&M Trivia, Math Flash, Braille Challenge, and more trivia games and podcasts are available and fun for everyone!

Using Celebrations to Teach JAWS

Twas the Night Before Christmas and Frosty the Snowman

How to Watch Audio Described Movies on Your Next Flight

A guide to finding audio described movies on in flight entertainment.

MyMathLab for Vision Impairment

How I use the MyMathLab software with assistive technology in my college math classes.

Excel Accessibility: Screenreader speaking of Row and Column Headers in Excel

A solution to the problem of Excel spreadsheets not reading column and row headings for particular cells for the visually impaired
Screenshot of emoji face options on an iPhone.

Emojis and Accessibility

Have you embraced emojis?

Organizing with Google Sheets

Here is an idea to help streamline your progress monitoring paperwork!

Eight Ways to Read Handwritten Cards with Assistive Technology

How to read handwriting and handwritten notes using technology.