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BARD Mobile Version 1.2: What's new and Noteworthy

The iOS version of the BARD mobile app recently underwent some changes. curious what they are? Then read on!

APH Practice 2 Master Fractions iOS App: Review

APH has recently released a new math app!
Math Robot logo with text, "Math Robot for iPhones"

Math Robot now available for iPhones

Practice your math skills anywhere, anytime using your iPhone!

Using Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines with Low Vision

How to use the Coca-Cola Freestyle App to make it easier to choose and customize drinks.

Creating Low Vision Maps: SAS Gloss App

Information on how to use the annotation app, SAS Gloss to create accessible low vision maps.

Bookshare Books read using Microsoft Word with JAWS

Word enables users to customize text for even more accessibility!

Buckle Up for Summer Reading: Bookshare

Bookshare offers special summer reading lists for hours of enjoyment.

Audio Game Hub App Review

A collection of 3D audio Games designed for the Visually Impaired. Available for iOS and Android.

Accessible Peep and the Big Wide World

Accessible Videos for young learners with Vision Impairments.

VR for VI: How Visually Impaired Students Can Use Virtual Reality

Ideas for how visually impaired students can use virtual reality and augmented reality in the classroom.

Be My Eyes x Microsoft: Technical Support for the Visually Impaired

A new way to get tech support with the Be My Eyes App and Microsoft Disability Answer Desk.

House Hunt: Preschool Matching Game

Match the animal with his home!

Hide and Peep App: Visual Scanning App

Play Hide and Seek with Peep and his friends!

Clouds: iBook and Activity

Use this accessible iBook to introduce students to different types of clouds.

A Day at the Beach: iBook and Tactile book

Download this free, accessible beach experience book!
Image of Blue Amazon Echo Dot - Kids Edition.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Kid-friendly content on the Echo Dot Kids Edition!
Finger hovering over the bright Pinterest app logo on a black screen on a smart phone.

Pinterest Accessibility

Use Pinterest to find creative educational ideas and activities for students who are visually impaired and blind.
Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet and chart: Amy's Shopping Budget

Excel Mini-Courses in 4 minutes: Budget

Quick and easy computer lessons for kids grades 4+ on how to create Excel budget and charts.
Photo: Overhead view of a student creating a graph on a computer.

10 Awesome and Surprising Ways You can Use Google Docs in the Classroom

Learn how to use Google Docs in your classroom to make elearning interesting of your students and teacher life a lot easier!

Increasing Functional Vision Skills Using "Toco Boo" App

Use this app to assess basic functional vision, contrast sensitivity and visual motor skills!