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Code Jumper: tablet with app and various colorful pods linked together.

Code Jumper: Accessible Programming

Learn beginning coding and programming skills!

Equatio and Google Docs Tutorial

Here is a way to input accessible math equations!

Valentine's Day Tech Activities

Have fun with these zany Valentine puns, trivia questions and other digital Valentine's Day activities!

YouDescribe Audio Described YouTube Videos Review

My Review of the YouDescribe app and Website. Watch YouTube videos with volunteer created audio descriptions.

Clew: Navigation App Review

Retrace your steps with Clew!
Reading Adventure Time and Writing Adventure Time App logos

Reading Adventure Time and Writing Adventure Time Apps

The first 100 teachers and students who complete 4 progress monitoring assessments will both receive $100!
Youtube logo and text, "blind YouTubers"

Popular Blind YouTubers

Check out these blind YouTubers!

Access to High-level Mathematics Using LaTeX

Blind individuals can achieve quality access to high-level mathematics using LaTex code.

Braille Tutor: App Review (Updated)

Braille Tutor is a new iOS app to learn/practice braille!

How I Use My Phone for Orientation and Mobility

Apps and techniques I use on my phone to travel independently with a blindness cane on my college campus and beyond.

App Review: Blindfold Greeting Card

Creating customized accessible greeting cards!

App Review: Blind Abilities

Stay current on VI topics with Blind Abilities!

Coursicle Class Scheduling App Review

How I use the Coursicle Class Scheduling App in College to Register for Classes at the last minute, and register in a minute or less.
Photo of Byte (character in Swift Playgrounds) & text, "Apple's New Accessible Coding Resources for Swift Playgrounds."

Apple's New Accessible Coding Resources for Swift Playgrounds

Everything YOU need to teach Swift coding language to students with visual impairments or blindness!

Trivia Educational Games on Alexa and Google Assistant

O&M Trivia, Math Flash, Braille Challenge, and more trivia games and podcasts are available and fun for everyone!
Screenshot of Swift playgrounds showing commands on left side and World Grid on right side.

Getting Started with Swift Playgrounds: Coding App

Learn more about coding with Swift Playgrounds while using VoiceOver.

Tips for Be My Eyes Volunteers from a Vision Impaired User

How to be a Be My Eyes volunteer and effectively help people with vision loss.

Braille Badges: Accessibility-Themed Emojis/Stickers

Love these braille and accessibility-themed emojis!

Blindfold Simon: Educational App Review

This fun memory app can be used to teach spatial terms, listening skills, gestures, auditory patterns and increase memory!