APH Seeking Beta Testers for Flip-Over FACES, an iOS app

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Flip-Over Faces app logo

APH is seeking beta testers for Flip-Over FACES, an iOS® app that is designed for students with visual impairments, specifically those with low vision and CVI, as well as those with additional disabilities, including autism. The app can be played in the company of sighted peers (and adults) of all ages! It allows students five years of age or older to learn about facial expressions within a versatile and fun context. Over a thousand face combinations and expressions can be generated with a simple finger swipe to change eyebrow position, eye direction, and mouth type. Choose from various hairstyles and eyeglass options to create a seemingly endless number of facial expressions—sad, happy, surprised, angry, skeptical, etc. An audio description of each facial feature is instantly accessible as new face combinations are generated. The background color toggles between black and white to allow for ideal visual contrast for the student and personal preference. Save your favorite face(s) in your own personal folder for later retrieval and sharing with friends.

A beta version of the app is expected to be available for testing in April 2018.

Requirements for beta testing the iOS version of Flip-Over FACES include the following:

  • Access to iPhone®, iPad®, iPad mini™, or iPod touch® with iOS 10.1 or later
  • Ability to directly test the app with students, 5 years of age or older, with low vision or CVI (with or without other disabilities) over a 2-month duration and complete an online product survey

If you would like to be considered for beta testing Flip-Over FACES, please complete this online survey by April 5, 2018.