Accessible Wayfinding Field Testing

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4 people walking across a bridge over a city street; one person traveling with a dog guide and one person with a cane.

Dear Accessible Wayfinding enthusiasts in the Baltimore or Chicago area,

We would like to invite you to participate in a test measuring the usability of an indoor wayfinding App prototype under development at Sendero Group. Some of you are probably aware that the Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Chicago and NFB's Jernigan Institute has been equipped with a series of Bluetooth wayfinding beacons and WiFi fingerprinting. They are an integral component of the Sendero prototype.
Earlier this year, Sendero Group was awarded a federal grant from the National Institute of Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research to develop an iOS-based app for wayfinding inside large buildings, such as airports, malls, sports arenas, hotels, and the like. Given you are a blind traveler, you surely have an intimate knowledge of the wayfinding challenges posed by such places. We are writing to ask you to help us with that project by volunteering to participate in an on-site research study in the Chicago or Baltimore area testing the effectiveness of the Sendero prototype.
For more information, visit the site specific sites below:

Chicago area testing application and more information

Baltimore area testing application and more information 

For more information about Sendaro Group, visit their website.