10 Awesome and Surprising Ways You can Use Google Docs in the Classroom

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Photo: Overhead view of a student creating a graph on a computer.

Google Docs is a powerful tool which is being used in numerous classrooms across the country. We Are Teachers shared a great article about beneficial Google Docs features that many teachers are not aware of. Here are 10 features that teachers (and students) will want to know about!

  1. Template Gallery
  2. Offline Editing Mode
  3. Extract Images in Batch
  4. Research via Explore
  5. Suggesting Mode
  6. Make PDF Filed (even scanned) editable
  7. Voice Typing
  8. Create Your Own Shortcuts
  9. Image Writing
  10. Browse Education Add-Ons

For students with visual impairments, the ability to convert a print document into an editable digital document is powerful! Once scanned, the student can use his/her preferred color scheme, font size, or screen reader to access the document. The scanned document is 'editable' meaning the student can then add his/her answers to the document.

The three popular educational add-ons pictured in the screenshot are: EasyBib (bibliographies), g(math), and Easy Accents.

What is your favorite Google Doc feature?