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Using the You Doodle App to Create CVI Accessible Images

"Hello, Are you able to save your creation as a book in ibooks so that the student can read the book on the iPad?   Thanks Janet"
- JAnderson
, Apr 16, 2019

Improved View in MS Word!

"I am glad to see this brilliant post, all the details are very helpful and useful for us, keep up to good work.  "
- annashetty
, Apr 16, 2019

Halloween Suduko Puzzle: Grids and Tables

"Genuinely loved this kind of post. Although I want much more information on like precious subject matter.  "
- annashetty
, Apr 16, 2019

Clew: Navigation App Review

"Beta version of Clew available with support for route saving!   Hi Folks,   Based on feedback from many early adopters of Clew (thank you to all!), we are pleased to announce the... read more
- pruvolo
, Apr 12, 2019

The BrailleSense Polaris: Google Apps - Uploading & Downloading Documents

"HIMS is aware of issues with the Polaris inconsistently uploading files to Google Drive.  Yesterday, I was informed a firmware update that will allow users to directly upload files from your... read more
- R Saladino
, Apr 05, 2019
"For others who are having the same issue: It appears that this issue is an inconsistent issue on multiple Polaris units. Teachers are working with HIMS Tech Support to resolve the issue. Stay tuned...
- Diane Brauner
, Apr 01, 2019
"Help!!! My student just got the Polaris, and Google Docs is a hassle with it. We can download the google doc to the wordprocessor, but cannot upload it back to google docs. For some reason, we can... read more
- lsbeckhard
, Mar 27, 2019

Braillenote Touch: A Successful Tool

"I am always looking for new teaching techniques and ideas!"
- samsell
, Mar 27, 2019