Vision and Blindness

This section starts with the basics: information about vision and vision disorders. There are links to sites that explain the causes of visual impairment and blindness, as well as definitions of professional and medical terminology, descriptions of vision examination procedures, simulations, statistics, and recommendations for protecting the eyes and vision. Searchers will find support groups for parents, families, and consumers, along with advice for environmental adaptations and tips for living with blindness and visual impairment.  For educational resources, and strategies for special and general education, please visit the Education section "Resources for Teachers."
National Association of State Director of Special Education, Inc. (NASDSE)
A free download of this 26-page policy analysis PDF is available through the link above.
"Out of Sight" provides a jumping-off point for talking about processing aural information.  This animated short video (5:30) can be enjoyed at all age and experience levels, but contains no dialogue, and is not described.  The Disability Movie website, linked here,  has included a complete description that can be distributed to viewers, or read aloud with the video.
This Mom's Choice award-winner is written for school-aged kids to understand color deficiency and how it affects their learning. "Living with CVD" sections are written directly to kids and there is an additional chapter for parents and teachers. Available in print and Kindle formats.
Future Reflections, National Federation of the Blind
Jan Bailey describes her experience growing up without sight, and notes the positive influence of high parental expectations.

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