Support Organizations on Visual Impairment & Blindness

The organizations in this section provide information, support, and advice to people with blindness and visual impairment.

Consumer Organizations Created By People with Visual Impairments

The NFB "is a consumer organization of blind people working together to improve opportunities for the blind and the understanding of blindness by the general public."
The ACB "strives to increase the independence, security, equality of opportunity, and quality of life, for all blind and visually-impaired people.""

Service Organizations for People with Visual Impairments

AFB provides a wealth of information and services to people who are blind or visually impaired, and their families, and for the professionals who serve them.
A nationwide agency with the mission "to enhance independence for people with vision loss and to be the leader in promoting vision health" in Canada; also in French.
Information and resources for people living with blindness or visual impairments.
One of the leading service agencies in the United Kingdom, RNIB offers practical support, advice, and imaginative solutions to anyone with a vision disorder; distributes braille and Talking Books nationwide.
Australia's leading provider of blindness and low vision services offers fact sheets, downloadable web accessibility tools, and useful links.
A "Self-Help for Vision Loss" web site that provides free, practical, hands-on information to enhance quality of life and independence for adults with vision loss, their families and friends, caregivers, and related professionals.

Massachusetts-Specific Services

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Resources on various topics and services for individuals with vision impairment, legal blindness or deaf/blindness and intellectual disability.

Support for Specific Vision Conditions

"NOAH’s mission is to act as a conduit for accurate and authoritative information about all aspects of living with albinism and to provide a place where people with albinism and their families, in the United States and Canada, can find acceptance, support and fellowship."
This site has definitions, message boards, and support forums for many vision disorders and medical conditions that affect vision.

Support and Information About Disabilities in General provides quick and easy access to comprehensive information about disability programs, services, laws and benefits, including those for people with visual impairments.