Resources for Families of Children Who Are Deafblind

National Center on Deaf-Blindness
Family stories, discussions, training opportunities and more!
Oregon Deafblind Project
Offers support and information to families
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network and Perkins School for the Blind
This 21-page document was developed by the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network in collaboration with the Perkins School for the Blind (2011). Topics include:  Introduction; Who are children with deaf-blindness?; What kind of special training is needed for professionals in this field?; How to help families use the Guidelines and Resource materials; Technical Assistance for families of children with deaf-blindness;  Technical Assistance regarding the evaluation process; What is different about the evaluation of a child with deaf-blindness?; Who should be part of the evaluation team and what expertise should they have?;  How can we ensure that the evaluation is non-discriminatory?;  What tools should be used in the evaluation? What types of evaluation should be done?;  Tips for Parents of Children with Deaf-Blindness in the Evaluation Process; Technical Assistance Regarding the IEP Development Process;  Technical Assistance Regarding IEP Implementation & Provision of Supports; Educational Personnel;  Supportive Structure and Administration; Developing a Plan for Services;  Considering Special Circumstances; Technical Assistance Regarding Transition;  Other Roles for Parent Centers; Fact Sheets and Other Resources for Families of Students with Deaf-Blindness.
National network of families focusing on issues related to deafblindness, including advocacy and support

IEP Meeting Checklist for Parents of Children with Deaf-Blindness

IEP meeting checklist cover photo

This document contains a two page checklist for families to use to prepare for an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting, to keep track of items discussed during the meeting and to monitor items requiring follow up. A form to list resources is included. This material references the original Deafblindness: Educational Service Guidelines publication.

Download a copy of the IEP meeting checklist in English or Spanish.

Developing an Effective IEP for Children with Deaf-Blindness: A Parent Mini-Guide

developing an effective IEP cover page

Expert Advice: Developed at Perkins, guide offers advice on working with your child’s team to develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Learn about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Deafblindness: Educational Service Guidelines.

Download a copy of the Developing an Effective IEP mini-guide in English or Spanish.