Research on Transition for Students with Visual Impairments

Surveys, studies, and research on the results and outcomes of transition practices for students with disabilities.
National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness
This study by National Technical Assistance Consortium for Children and Young Adults Who are Deaf-Blind (NTAC) "surveyed the parents/guardians of 97 youth (ages 18-24) … who are deaf-blind and who left school in June 1996." The findings support the need for services that promote development of communication and literacy, education with nondisabled peers, real job experience, and transition services that begin much earlier.
A Report from the National Longitudinal Transition Study
This 190-page report describes "the experiences of youth with disabilities … in their first 2 years out of high school." Their findings indicated that "up to 2 years after leaving high school, almost 8 in 10 out-of-school youth with disabilities have been engaged in postsecondary education, paid employment, or training to prepare them for employment." Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
A 10-page table that "illustrates evidence-based practices that support implementation of in-school predictors of post-school success."
A review of teaching and intervention practices in transition services, with an evaluation of which practices correlate to a good transition outcome..