Teaching Braille

I have a student in my classroom who is blind and learning braille. We have moved from tennis balls to ping pong balls. He can spell almost any basic word given, either in braille or verbally. Here is the question, does he only get taught to spell words using the contractions or does he learn to spell words conventionally too? Thank you!


Teaching Braille

Posted by Charlotte Cushman

Students who are learning braille need to know how to spell conventionally, as well as using contractions.

On a broader note, your question raised a few issues in my mind:

  • Is there a Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) involved with the student?  A TVI has expertise in teaching braille and will be able to help to plan comprehensive approach to teaching braille.
  • How old is the student?  Does he have the necessary pre-requisite skills to learn braille (i.e. language, positional concepts, spatial orientation, numbers, matching, sequencing, tactile discrimination, handskills, etc.)?  While children who are blind should be exposed to braille from birth, it is important to work on foundational skills before formal instruction in braille.

teaching braille

Posted by Crystal Lopez (not verified)

I want to teach braille to my neighbor is a boy he is a 11 year old boy that is blind and i want to teach him braille

Teaching braille

Posted by Charlotte Cushman

Hello Crystal,

Are you in the United States?  If you are, then the boy should have a Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) assigned to him who will be teaching him braille.  Perhaps that teacher could give you some ideas of what to try and show you what the boy is working on.

Good luck!


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