International Resources on Blindness & Deafblindness

The links in this section are for international or regional organizations with websites rich in information about blindness, visual impairment, or deafblindness. Some focus on eye health or prevention of blindness, others on education, rehabilitation, and family support. The lists are as comprehensive as we can make them. Please let us know if we’ve missed an organization that serves people with blindness, visual impairments, or multiple disabilities:
Below are the topics you'll find in this section. Click on a title to jump to a specific topic.


Combatting Blindness & Promoting Eye Health 

World Health Organization (WHO)
Links to fact sheets, publications, and related information.
This leading journal is dedicated to global vision health; downloadable articles from back issues in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.  There is also an Indian Supplement.
International Centre for Eye Health
This 48-page directory contains a selection of resources available from 27 organizations; indexed by subject and language
Conducts research and public education programs to improve eye health and eliminate avoidable blindness, with a focus on low income populations.
A wealth of information on all aspects of vision and eye health; in English and Spanish.  Includes sections on Basic Eye Anatomy, Eye Care Resources, Education Programs, and Professional Resources.
World Health Organization (WHO)
Links to data, maps, publications, and information about causes and socioeconomic aspects of blindness and visual impairment.
Combats blindness in developing countries, restoring sight through specialist treatment and eye care.
Unite For Sight’s volunteers provide eye health programs and services to more than 600,000 of the neediest people all over the world.
VISION 2020 is the global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness, with an international membership of NGOs, professional associations, eye care institutions and corporations.

Directories of Service Organizations 

Lists international and regional organizations working for people with disabilities and for human rights; includes on-line discussion groups and related resources.
Associations from each continent by and for people with deafblindness.

Information & Services: Blindness & Visual Impairment 

Serves people with visual impairment and other disabilities in developing countries.
A global association that promotes equal access to education for children and youth with visual impairment.
Promotes international cooperation, research, and development among libraries that serve people with blindness and other print disabilities.
Information, resources, and factsheets for people living with blindness or visual impairments, and the professionals who work with them.
Provides medical, vocational, and social rehabilitation to children and youth with disabilities in developing countries, using local contacts and personalized assistance.
Information for people working with those who have low vision; in English and French.
Empowers peoples with disabilities around the world through international exchange and development.
This self-help web site provides “free, practical, hands-on information to enhance quality of life and independence for adults with vision loss.”
Represents the interests of more than 160 million individuals who are blind or partially sighted; 177 member countries.

Information & Services: Deafblindness 

A global association promoting services for deafblind people and information about deafblindness.
Combats preventable blindness and malnutrition internationally, builds local sustainable programs, and provides technical assistance and data to governments and other agencies.
Perkins School for the Blind
Perkins International is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children who are deafblind or blind with multiple disabilities throughout the world. Partnering with hundreds of local agencies, Perkins International works with community leaders, families, and teachers to create educational opportunities (includes information in Spanish).
Provides medical, vocational, and social rehabilitation to children and youth with disabilities in developing countries, using local contacts and personalized assistance.
Empowers people with disabilities around the world through international exchange and  development.
Provides information and technical assistance to families, teachers, government, and local agencies on all topics related to children and youth with deafblindness.
A global directory of associations by and for people with deafblindness.
Sense International (India)
Sense International offers a variety of resources on deafblindness, each designed to help families, educators, and service providers understand the unique experience of deafblindness.
At the link above you find such information as 
  • Syndromes Associated with Deafblindness
  • Management of Children with Deafblindness with Cerebral Palsy 
  • Various personal care topics related to children with deafblindness and multi sensory impairments
Sense International provides services and information in India, Latin America, East Africa, and Romania to children and youth with deafblindness.
A non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with deafblindness throughout the world.

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